BROCKSPACE is at once a residential home, exhibition and project space, salon and guesthouse for artists.

Apart from its use as a living space, it aims to offer a programme of art exhibitions, events and talks within its space. It also seeks to offer visiting artists a home away from home, where they may be exposed to new environments to expand their practice, while having a secure base from which to work. It hopes that artists are encouraged to make work enriched and transformed by new cross-cultural encounters and collaborations.

Set within the vibrant artist community and picturesque Victorian conservation area of Brockley, it is beside the hilltop park with its stunning views across London, local music and theatre venues, cool cafes and restaurants. Within walking distance from Goldsmiths College, University (famed for its fine art, music and theatre departments) historic Deptford with its artist studios and galleries, beautiful Greenwich with its museums, stunning architecture, pubs and theatres, it is well connected via public transport to central London’s many renown galleries and museums.

BROCKSPACE invites artists who are based outside of London (in the UK and worldwide) to visit, stay and create, in order to encourage the following actions:

  • Create a strong interactive network of contemporary artists
  • Seek to bring young and emerging artists from other cities to London to widen their audience base
  • Support cross-cultural collaboration between artists
  • Develop a programme of exhibitions, talks and events that increase the awareness of art practice and other cultures in Brockley and southeast London
  • Increase community participation in the arts, especially for the young and the elderly